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CP Army Tourney

What better way to kick of a new news site then a CP Army Tourney. We are looking for armies to enter that at least have people show up,  but do not have to be huge. Large armies can enter but it is mainly a medium army tournament.

If you want to enter your army comment this information below filled out:

Armies Name:

Leaders Name/s:

Armies Link:

Armies chats link:

About how many troops do you have show up for a battle:


Big start!

Please add this to your sites to help us grow: To help out a falling News site click here

Ok guys, non of us have been this active so we are going to start being active. Heres how we will do it. I will do the Small Army Top Ten which will be out by no later then Tuesday(because i am going on vacation for 4 days). And every other reporter will rotate who does them after that. Here are the rules…

  • You must post atleast once a weak on a new good topic.
  • If you don’t post you gain a strike, once you have 2 strikes your out, inless you were gone on your day or something.
  • You also must get the word out about CPWZ so we can have more viewers and possible workers.

Also if  you think you can handle this and are a good reporter just comment here with your name and email and you get a free job! You do not need to right a post because i trust you that you are a decent one. But that is preffered by me if you wrote one on any topic or you just copyed one of your old posts.

De Epic Pie of Doom (retirement)

Hello Club penguin Warfare Zone!  I have never posted, and im author/admin/editor in to many websites that I have to quit a lot.  I am retiring from this spot, as I did with FW, IV, Nachos, IW, WW, AR, DW, TG, GT, Romans, and many more armies a few days ago.  Please unadd me from this site so someone else could take my place.

Shalom, Adios, and Meep!

~De Epic Joezapy of Legends

I must step out [UPDATED]

UPDATE: I have decided not to do this. But I will follow what I have written here IF WE DON’T GET ACTIVE. Plus Adster, take me off of the marines.

I am sorry but I have to leave. It was great reporting here. But I feel I cannot do much for you. I must move onto other things. I am sorry guys.

Adster: Dude your a legend for creating CPWZ. I hope you continue to impress people with this site.

Talex: Your a awesome reporter. Keep up the good work newly found secondary head.


P.S. I wish to be removed from this site.

red warriors are not gone

now i have never posted on here, well how about come back to cp armies and bring back red warriors.. comment

Small army world war 2 (SAWW2)

Hey, Talex here I’m going to report on somthing that happened just this summer

Small Army World War 2

It all started when Greenblah904 the Lava Fighters Leader declared war on the Crystel Warriors.


Then the Crystel Warriors got their allies Puffle warriors, this was the beging of the Aplha alliance. Then the Lava Fighter’s leader GreenBlah asked their allies the Pepsi Warriors and the Orange republic to join them to create the Delta allinance.

Alpha vs. Delta

Battles of SAWW2                            Winner           

Battle of South Pole                         Delta victory 

Battle of Snow Globe                         Delta victory

Battle of Icicle                                      Delta victory

First Battle of Snow Angel               Alpha victory

Battle of Southern Lights                Alpha victory

Battle of Husky                                    Delta vctory

First Battle of Snowfall                    Delta victory

Battle of Beanie                                   Delta victory

Battle of Wool Socks                         Alpha victory

Second Battle of Snow Angel         Delta victory

Battle of Southern Lights                Delta Victory

 Matterhorn                                          Delta Victory

  Mukluk                                                 Delta Victory

Battle of Yeti                                         Delta Victory

Second Battle of Snowfall              Delta Victory

Total Delta wins: 13               Total Alpha wins: 3

As you can see the Delta alliance clearly domiated the war, after 25 days of fighting the Alpha alliance surrendered the war.



A Fresh Start

Ok guys honestly i know a few people still check this site and thankyou for doing that so here is basically all i am going to say, If you want to work here with any job besides head reports and secondary of the site just comment with which job you want and your email because if you still check this site i know you will be active. As for workers already here every has been fired besides Kieth and Talex because some of you haven’t even made one single post and some of you haven’t posted in a month. Also if Kieth or Talex wants to be the secondary head of site just comment and whoever comments first gets it.